Conditional compilation in Oracle PL/SQL

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Check out my latest publication at Exforsys.

Conditional compilation in Oracle PL/SQL.

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Overloading in Oracle


Overloading is a generic concept for a programming language. In conventional terms, it implies the different behavior of like named objects upon different calls. Different languages provide add ons upon overloading implementation, depending upon their language support and featured concepts.

I have recently got my article published at Check it out the below link.

Oracle program overloading

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Read Only tables explained

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Check out my new online work at exforsys on Oracle 11g Read Only tables

Read Only Tables

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Oracle 11g Exception Handling

Check Exception Handling in Oracle 11g;email

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Check out “Recalling Oracle subprograms” on Oracle Community

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Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh Gupta

Check out the blog post ‘Recalling Oracle subprograms’
Recall Oracle functions and procedures at Oracle Functions and Procedures

Blog post link:
Recalling Oracle subprograms

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