Recent Articles at Exforsys (XML Storage and 11g Analytic Enhancements)

Hope you all are liking the book and my wish that it reaches my readers. I am satisfied with the good response of the readers. The fact that the book features into Oracle magazine (July-August 2012) issue and Oracle ACE newsletter has already overwhelmed me with joy and excitement.

Once again, thanks to Exforsys for publishing my two articles recently.

First article deals with the XML storage concepts in Oracle. The concepts have been theoretically explained within the scope of the article. Read the complete story at the below link

Second article explains the aggregate and analytic enhancements in Oracle 11g database. The article explains the newly inducted LISTAGG and NTH_VALUE functions with examples. Read the complete article at the below link

Hope you all will like it. Do post your feedback, observations or suggestions.

Thanks to all,



Author: Saurabh K. Gupta

Published Author, Data guy

One thought on “Recent Articles at Exforsys (XML Storage and 11g Analytic Enhancements)”

  1. Hello Sbhoracle,
    Thanks for the above, I’m bored and I need a list of things to do. I only have basic things around the house not any very specific things (I might have some). Please help. Thanks in advance!! 🙂
    Nice One!

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