My session at #AIOUG #Sangam16 – Transition from Oracle DBA to Big Data Architect

Big thanks to all those who turned up for my early morning session on Saturday Nov 12th, 2016. I know it was a tough call after a week’s work but thanks for making the right decision. A full-house is an extreme delight for a speaker.

You can download the session deck either from the Sangam website or from the link below.


I hope the session was useful to all. If you have any doubts or comments, feel free to comment below. If you have a feedback on the session, I would surely love to hear.

I love to feature in AIOUG conferences and events; Sangam being one of them. In addition to attending session, we get a chance to meet and greet the geeks and techies from around the world. I must confess that I get to meet many of them only at events like this. While I was fortunate to meet Arup Nanda, Syed Jaffer Hussain, Aman, Nassyam, Sai, Satyendra, Kuassi Mensah, I had a pleasure of spending time with Oracle colleagues and many others during these two days.

Sangam 2016 was huge; it continues to grow by a fold. 100+ session in two days and distinguished speakers from all over the world. Thanks to AIOUG team and volunteers who coordinated and managed the event fairly well.

Thanks again!