Recent Articles at Exforsys (XML Storage and 11g Analytic Enhancements)

Hope you all are liking the book and my wish that it reaches my readers. I am satisfied with the good response of the readers. The fact that the book features into Oracle magazine (July-August 2012) issue and Oracle ACE newsletter has already overwhelmed me with joy and excitement.

Once again, thanks to Exforsys for publishing my two articles recently.

First article deals with the XML storage concepts in Oracle. The concepts have been theoretically explained within the scope of the article. Read the complete story at the below link

Second article explains the aggregate and analytic enhancements in Oracle 11g database. The article explains the newly inducted LISTAGG and NTH_VALUE functions with examples. Read the complete article at the below link

Hope you all will like it. Do post your feedback, observations or suggestions.

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Methodical Performance Tuning Part 2 by Arup Nanda: AIOUG webcast

Arup Nanda delivers yet again a useful webcast on Oracle performance tuning practices. This time he shows the utilization of V$ views to analyse the session level waits and statistics.

Download links are as below

Besides, the reviewing activities on “Book in Making” are going smooth. My regards to Ronald Rood, Kamran Agayev and Mohan Dutta, who are investing their efforts and valuable time in reviewing the book. Thanks for all  your responses on the book listing.



Upgrading to Oracle 11gR2, presented by Syed Jaffar Hussain

Oracle ACE Director Syed Jaffer Hussain presents a webinar on upgrading database systems to Oracle 11gR2.

Have a learning and enjoyable experience




Discovering the Author within me: My upcoming book

Happily I would announce the listing of my upcoming book at PacktPub publishers website. The book is expected to be released by May, 2012.

The book is for the Oracle Associate professionals who are aspiring for Professional level exam (1Z0-146 certification).

“The Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Professional Guide helps you master advanced PL/SQL concepts. Besides the clear and precise explanation on advanced topics, it also contains example code and demonstrations, which gives a sense of application and usage to readers. The book gives a deep insight that will help transform readers from mid-level programmers to professional database developers. It aims to cover the advanced features of PL/SQL for designing and optimizing PL/SQL code.”–From PacktPub webpage

Wait until May but surely book your copies in advance.

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A Conversation with Hans Forbrich

Hans Forbrich, an Oracle ACE Director, talks about his path to becoming a prized speaker at Oracle User Group meetings around the world.

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My publication at RMOUG SQL> Update

Pleased to announce that RMOUG’s Winter issue of SQL>Update, the quarterly journal of RMOUG, has published my article on Oracle PL/SQL. Sincere thanks to Peggy King and Pat Van Buskirk for the great work and support in the process. It’s an absolute honor to get published alongside Tom Kyte and Kellyn.

The article is about achieving Inheritance in Oracle PL/SQL. The paper shows how to implement object modeling in Oracle PL/SQL through a sample case study. Surely, the object model comfortably fits into object oriented application designs and its integration is well supported by the SQL semantics too.

You can download the article from the below link – 

Inheritance in Oracle by Saurabh Gupta (SQL Update Winter11 Issue RMOUG)

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AIOUG Sangam 11

 Hi Guyzzz

Just back from AIOUG Sangam11. Wonderful effort, event, sessions and most important grrat stage to share with some great names. Arup Nanda, Murali Vallath, Kuassi Mensah and many more. Kudos to the arrangement and and event management too.

The Day 1 (9th Dec) started off with registration. Was glad to see our bags and great material. Saw Murali at the doorstep and the day started off.

Murali addressed the session and thanked the event management team and introduced Arup to kick off the session. Arup Nanda ‘The LONGTIME DBA’ was the Show Stopper of the whole event. And he should be !!

Rich Niemiec started off with a session on Rolta. He showed us some pics of Oracle Corp…was amazed to be the part of it.







Arup started off with a session on Profiler in PL/SQL. Great sessions, great views and great information. Kuassi Mensah delivered a nice session on Oracle Net security. Murali too gave a presentation on RAC subject, but couldn’t catch up match as I have no background. Hemant came up with the day to day challenges of a DBA, their role and expectations. Fabulous !!

Day 2 (10th Dec) again saw a long session from Arup until Lunch. Superb stamina and grasp !! Got to know some new concepts on Cache fusion, DBA best practices, and introduced the logic behind Exdata. I could see the roadmap of DBA to DMA (Database Machine Administrator). Again a good one!!

Meanwhile I got introduced to Arup Nanda with a handshake and told him about myself. Told him about my online works and he asked me to get in touch for SELECT journal too. Nice chat time !!

Later I attended session by Hemant on Partitioning. Though it was an elementary one but enough to fill up 1 hour session. The next session by Prabhakar Gongloor was another masterpiece where he showed some screendumps of Oracle 12C. I believe we would be only of those few ones who could see it within 2 months of the version release. I could see him hiding something by saying its ‘Special Technique’ through which EM can connect to DB even if it is down (as far as I could understand).

As I referred one of my colleague for the seminar, I received a coupon worth INR500, redeemable on the same day against the books at the counter. I got one copy of Oracle XML DB.

The conference ended with photo sessions. I too got few with Arup, Bryn, Rich and Mensah. Soon I would publish on my blog. Received a Tshirt from OTN too.

Next year, it would be in August, 2012…I will be happy to volunteer the event and would surely like to see myself at the stage right there 🙂

Once again, Thanks Oracle, Thanks AIOUG !!

By for now